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Information about Puerto Rico.

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Elementary Home Work Center in Spanish (Salon Hogar).


For interesting info in Spanish (Espanol) about Hatillo, P.R., try this site made by my old friend Charlie Aguilar, "Historiador de Hatillo, P.R.".


Need news paper information in Spanish about Puerto Rico, try the "El Nuevo Dia".


For lots of info about Puerto Rico try this site.


For information about Hatillo, history, map, crest, flag and other information about Hatillo, P.R. try this site. (In Spanish)


Need a free Language Translator to translate a page on the internet or to translate your work into another language, try here.



For just about any information you need about Puerto Rico check out Joe Delgado's site about "Puerto Rico, Isla del Encanto". (In Spanish)


Need some information about a famous Puerto Rican or other school assignments in Spanish, try this site


Need more information for a school project, try this site, Biblioteca Virtual de Puerto Rico (In Spanish).


Do you need general information about P.R., the flag, the Anthem, Coat of Arms, el Coqui.  Try here.  (English and Spanish)


If you need some info about Puerto Rican Culture try this site. (Lots of links both in Spanish and English)


Do you need a brief history of Puerto Rico in English, go here.


Need the history of a town of Puerto Rico?  Try this site.


The Dictionary Of The Spoken Taino Language


For lots of links about information about Puerto Rico in Spanish, try the Bibioteca Virtual de P.R..


Need some help in general with your homework in English, try Encarta's homework site.


There are a lots of sites on "WEPA", packed with information about Puerto Rico, try their search engine.


For more interesting info and news about Puerto Rico, try PuertoRicans.com.


Are you trying to do a Genealogy search for ancestors from Puerto Rico?   Try here.


Need some genealogy information about your Spanish last name?  Do you  want to find out if your family has a noble crest and what it looks like?  Try this site.  (In Spanish)


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